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We now have purebred and cross ewe lambs for sale! Call or email for more information!


        Welcome to Ewetopia Farms' website. Bienvenue Ewetopia Farms! We would like to introduce you to ourselves, the farm, and most importantly the sheep. Please tour our site and if you would like more information, feel free to contact us.


What We Do


Today Ewetopia Farms focuses on raising registered Suffolk sheep that form our foundation flock. The Suffolks are also sold as breeding stock to purebred breeders and the rams serve as terminal sires to commercial operations.


We also own registered Texel rams that are used as part of our program to produce our commercial flock and market lambs. The Suffolk/Texel crosses are sold as replacement ewes and sires to commercial producers wanting high-yielding, fast-growing, low-maintenance, lean-muscled sheep.


Both our registered and commercial flocks are genetically monitored using Farmworks software. Breeding stock are then chosen for flock improvement qualities.


Our Goals


The goal of Ewetopia Farms is to provide customers with performance-selected sheep that will benefit producers through increased productivity and profitability. To achieve this goal, we strive to establish strict health care regimes for the sheep and biosecurity measures on the farm to ensure a clean environment for raising our animals. We also feed top quality forages, grain, and supplements adjusted for each flock's nutritional requirements at the various stages of growth and production. Animals are then selected for conformation, soundness, and rate of gain. Registered animals must also pass breed requirements otherwise they will not be sold with papers.


"Using flock improvement strategies to produce sheep that will improve productivity and profitability."


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